Walnut’s demo video


One of my truest obsessions has been to solve education, or more precisely, to figure out how we can learn more efficiently. I truly believed that education is the core problem of all problems. …

An underutilized scientific theory that deserves a startup.

In 2013, I blogged about a study technique based on an insight that there’s an optimal time to review what you learned. Review too early you’re wasting your time, review too late you’ve forgotten too much and have to relearn it.

Review at the right time — when you still…

Vision for a better future of work

Ray Dalio. Credits to himself and TED.

Part 1: The Case on Idea Meritocracy

September 23, 2017

It was 11:00 pm, my eyelids were getting heavy. As I was about to leave my desk and head to my warm and comfortable bed, my phone started to blink out message notifications from my friend LJ.

Judging from the preview on my iPhone, he had sent…


Tofu is not only one of my favorite foods, but also something that I make every morning at the military. Yeah, talking about folding blankets. It deserves so much attention that I’ve decided to write a blog post about it!

What happens every morning at 5:40am

We aren’t supposed to even wake up that early…

A brief startup story and the future of personal finance banking

An introduction video to Atomicard.

You can also watch a demo of Atomicard’s App here.

It was just a little more than 4 months ago that I started Atomicard but it definitely felt like almost a year. With time and money constraints, I went 200% in with this project.

12-Hour Work Day


As I headed to the reception area of my residence to get a book I ordered on Amazon, I saw Francesco, one of our rotating securities. I started to chat with him in basic Italian while searching for my package.

I tried very hard to squeeze all that few vocabularies…

Growing up, there’s always this notion that you’re either an introvert or an extrovert. Usually, though not expressed explicitly, there’s always this negative connotation associated with being an introvert. You’re “shy”. You’re NOT the most active kid. You can’t “social” or “be popular”.

I grew up being told I’m an…

Harrison Lo

Creator of things, thinker of thoughts.

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